For my BFA thesis project I created a theoretical eco-conscious stationery company named RootBound. This projected allowed me to address sustainability and explore different materials, but also stretch my skills as a designer trying to address a problem bigger than myself. During this process I had to research the problem, develop a solution, and then build everything for that solution. This included creating RootBound's identity from the ground up, identifying stakeholders, developing customer profiles, researching materials and process, building the products, and finally making the company website: This was a wonderful opportunity to turn a passion-project into a final-project and one I hope to continue working on in the future. 
Problem Statement
What is RootBound?
Branding and Identity
Logo Sketches
Stakeholders and Customer Profiles
Customer Profile 1: Michaela
Customer Profile 2: Jeffrey
Product Materials and Design
Product Design Process
Product Lines
RootBound Mainline
Non-Profit 1: Oceana
Non-Profit 2: The Environmental Defense Fund
Non-Profit 3: The Ohio Wildlife Center
RootBound Website
Workflow and Wire Frames
Final Screens
Next Steps
Marketing and Packaging
BFA Installation and Product Display
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